Family Reunion

One Year Back Home

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since we returned to Cambridge after our nine-month “adventure” in Washington, DC.  We’ve owned the places we’ve lived in for over fifty years, so getting used to imperfections in our rental apartment was a challenge.  Now, twelve months later, we no longer see its blemishes.

In these twelve months, we have seen all of our old friends and made some new ones.  We are well-located so that even doctor appointments are convenient (as long as we avoid rush hour).  We miss our kids and grandchildren who were near to us in DC.  But that makes our visits with them even more special.

As we gaze out over the Charles River through our floor-to-ceiling windows, we remark almost daily about the beauty we see as the seasons change.  In spite of some health challenges this year (not only ours but also those of our friends), we know that this very hard decision was the right one.


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Floor to ceiling view of the Charles River sounds delightful. When I walk two blocks I am at the Pacific Ocean but there is a special beauty to seeing a river from your windows. I have a floor to ceiling view of my back yard through my patio doors, I am happy to add. Health challenges do happen at our age.

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