One Year Back Home
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Family Reunion

My mother and her five siblings were born in Buffalo, New York and she was the only one who didn’t spend her whole life there.  In the next generation only two first cousins stayed in Buffalo.  The rest are scattered around the country, but mostly on the East coast.  The generation after them went further—to the West Coast and Europe.

So making a family reunion is pretty complicated.  Nevertheless, when the Seattle cousins were coming East to pick up a child at a camp in the Adirondack mountains, cousins Joannie and Arnie invited everybody to gather at their summer home in Jamestown, Rhode Island.  Twenty-four family members were there— Peter was the oldest and one-year old Levi the youngest.  All attendees under 30 were male

I think eating and laughing are the two favorite activities of my family.  Huge amounts of wonderful food appeared at lunch and dinner.  And stories of all sorts, memories and more recent events had us laughing until the tears came.

Then, suddenly, it was very late and since we were driving back to Cambridge, we had to leave.  With good luck, we’ll do it again next year.


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What a wonderful opportunity to get together with scattered family!!

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