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Walking Alone

My walking partner didn’t show up Wednesday morning.  Very unlike her.  I worried—needlessly, it turned out, because I had gotten the date wrong.

As long as I was out on the street, I decided to do our long “together” walk around the Charles River rather than my shorter “alone” neighborhood route.

It was a different experience.  First, it seemed to take longer.  When we walk, we talk, and we are always amazed by how quickly the time goes by.

Instead of being annoyed by the gaggle of Canadian geese I met Wednesday morning, I said “hello” to them.  On the bridge across the Charles River, I bumped into two former work colleagues, and we had a little chat about the old days.

I have to confess that I picked a few wildflowers along the way—they were so beautiful and there were so many that I didn’t think the wildflower police would miss them.

I wouldn’t want to walk alone all the time, but Wednesday's walk filled me with gratitude that I could walk and that I could do it in such a beautiful place.



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william Sinclair

Beautiful. I always walk alone and enjoy it greatly.

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