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Hot Pots

Attention:  Monday and Tuesday are Amazon Prime Days.  This is the fifth year that Amazon will offer its bargain-loving customers short windows of savings on many popular items in honor of its own birthday.  Only those who have “Amazon Prime” ($119 a year for a membership that includes free shipping) may participate, meaning that potentially 101-million people could be competing with you for a limited supply of robot vacuum cleaners.

(I have heard that other big stores are hoping to join in the fun by matching Prime Day prices—no membership required.)

Last year Amazon sold 300,000 hot pots on Prime Day.  It boggles my mind to think of Amazon employees scurrying around warehouses looking for hot pots to pack into boxes for delivery to 300,000 customers all over the world.

I don’t own a hot pot.  I don’t want more “things.”  I will not be tempted by Amazon Prime Days.

Will you?



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No, not at all. I don't even have a Prime membership because I dislike the idea behind it (if you have one, you feel you need to make use of it, because after all, you're paying for it).

I used to love Amazon in its early days -- easily being able to get hold of most any book I wanted was so wonderful. But I think it has turned evil somewhere along the way. The very thought of the masses of new, unused products returned being simply destroyed without any thought for the resources that went into making them makes me ill.


When I started reading this post, I thought it was some sort of promotion for Amazon Prime. I assumed you’d been hacked. Phew! (I also don’t want more things, and am spending time today trying to get rid of things).


Of all the things I do not want, a Hot Pot tops the list. I, too, am releasing rather than acquiring.

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