Losing Renate


Eight months ago, I learned that I have breast cancer.  Having just returned to Cambridge from  Washington, DC, we were busy settling into our new apartment and re-connecting with our friends (and doctors).  My diagnosis changed our priorities, and we spent much of the fall thinking about my treatment options.  Deciding what to do was the hard part, but once we had a plan, we were OK.

For readers who asked for an update, here’s how it went.

I am pleased to report that I feel great.  My surgery went well and the month of post-surgery radiation was easy.  It was harder to find an anti-estrogen medication that I could tolerate, but after rejecting the first one I tried due to its unacceptable side-effects, I seem to be doing OK with the second. I plan to continue doing OK for the five years I have to stay on it.

No readers asked for an update on my coffee ice cream consumption, but my love of coffee ice cream is almost as important to me as my health.  So I thought I’d update my readers on that too.

I long ago had decided to limit my coffee ice cream consumption to every other day until I turned eighty, at which time I planned to enjoy this treat daily. 

I’m pleased to report that I kept my promise to myself, eating a serving of coffee ice cream every day after my eightieth birthday, until last week when I failed to find any after a frantic search of the freezer.  I debated running to the store and opted instead to eat some of Peter’s pistachio ice cream.  It wasn’t the same, and that won’t happen again.

Everything else is status quo.  Which is a good thing.




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That's great to hear the good news & thanks for the update. I was wondering. Your attitude has been so positive. May you live to eat plenty more coffee ice-cream.


Continued good health, Judy, and a freezer that always contains a pint of coffee ice cream. I am smiling and that is why I read your blog.


Love the coffee ice cream story. I feel like that about real coffee - and I sure don't intend to run out.

Hope your 5 year medication works out well for you. I was on Arimidex. Yes, it had side effects, but not anything I couldn't live with. However, I was really thankful when I took that last pill.

Praying you continue to have lots of coffee ice cream and that you feel well eating it.
Grace & Peace,Iris

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