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How Old We Are

We all know how many birthdays we’ve had.  But do we know how many we want?  Sure, it will depend on how healthy we are, how lucky we have been, the choices we’ve made, what’s happening in “our” world and “the” world and more.

While doing pushups the other morning, I wondered, “How could an eighty-one-year old do twenty-one pushups every day?”  My answer: “They couldn’t so I couldn’t possibly be eighty-one."

What about you?  How old are you?  How old do you feel?  I really want to know and will report what I learn (without names of course). 




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I’m 71. It’s hard to say how old I feel because I have a progressive neuromuscular condition that limits my mobility. I don’t feel bad but I am limited in what I can do. I have almost as many interests as I always had—reading, quilting, bird watching, my butterfly gardens (although I can no longer do the actual gardening), my family, and my animal companions. Maybe it’s best to say physically I guess I feel about 71 and mentally about 51. Interesting question.


Interesting post. I'm 79 and don't think I really feel 79 physically and definitely not mentally. I've been a widow for 14 years. I don't exercise like I should, nor do I don't eat like I should (I HATE to cook, so....). I still work part time, take care of my own VERY LARGE yard (though I don't do such a great job any more), have a small cross stitch design business, some hobbies, am active in my church. So, I guess I stay pretty busy.

I have a few health issues, but they don't keep me very still. Have a cardiology appointment this morning so am a bit apprehensive. We'll see.

Twenty one pushups! WOW, I'm impressed!
Grace & Peace,Iris

Janet Winsor

I’m 67. I often compare my actual age with my”how old do I feel” age. I used to feel 15-20 years younger than my actual age but the gap has been decreasing. I walk or hike an average of 40 miles/week, spend 15 minutes/day on yoga and frequently babysit two active grandchildren. I feel 55.

Shirley Evans

I am 81 also (birthday April 2019). I am happy to find your blog. I live in Australia with my husband (87) in our own home outside Sydney. We are both reasonably well, but do have ongoing doctor's and specialist's appointments to ensure that we keep well. I used to think we both looked years younger than our actual age but now that we are both in our 80's I'm beginning to think we do look as though we are in our 80's. The wrinkles are a bit of a give-away.

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