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Spring Cleaning

Although I am not and will never be a Marie Kondo, I do like organization and cleanliness.  Whether we are living in a too-big house (as we were when our kids were growing up) or in a small apartment (as we are now, with just the two of us), spring cleaning time arrives every spring.  I hear my mother’s voice saying, “Time to start washing all your wool sweaters and don’t forget to carefully ‘block’ them while they dry on a towel.”  When you live in New England, that’s a lot of sweaters.  I’m still working on that project.

But I’ve put away my leather winter Merrills and unearthed my summer mesh ones. I’ve filled two grocery bags with clothes that I am sure I’ll miss once I get rid of them. And Peter has agreed to re-cycle lots of drafts of papers.

Fortunately, there’s a month to go ’til summer.



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