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I can think of many ways to spend the $25 billion that retailers take in from Mother’s Day presents that might make the world better.  But I don’t feel that way about Mother’s Day cards.  I love them.  Our children are well into their forties and I think I have every card they ever sent–the first came from our elder son in utero.  They are often funny, but more often, I am moved to tears by their words.

We celebrated Mother’s Day with Jeremy and his family in Maryland over the weekend. On Monday morning, as always, I was feeling sad to leave.  But as our older grandson Leo (age fifteen) rushed out the door to go to school, he gave me the card you see above. 

It’s a keeper.    


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Oh my goodness - definitely a keeper. I'd probably frame that one - best Mother's Day gift every.
Grace & Peace,Iris


What a loving child. Your heart must have melted.

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