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If the Shoe Fits...

Back in the 1970’s Keebler made a wonderful quarter-size sugar-and-cinnamon cookie called “Dutch Apple”.  They came in white fold-over bags.  We ate them by the handful—until one day when they disappeared from supermarket shelves.

So why was I so surprised about my shoe saga?  A few years ago, I discovered an amazing walking shoe.  It was made by women who left Keen Shoes to start Ahnu, a company that made women’s shoes exclusively.  Not only were they comfy, women found them so attractive that they often would ask me who made them.  Walking shoes! 

The other day, I decided it was time to order my third pair.  Guess what?  Teva bought Ahnu and discontinued my shoe. I was devastated. 

I ordered the recommended "substitute".  The shoes had different eyelets, were a dreary gray color, and difficult to put on.  Yet again, a product I depended upon had disappeared.

On the other hand, once I got them on, they were pretty darned comfy.



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I looked up the ahnu brand. Looks cool! Have you looked on for your fave shoe? Maybe someone's selling it!


I’m glad you got shoes that are comfortable, but how hard is it to make them attractive, also? Sigh.

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