Ice Age


When this was the 70-something blog, I regularly updated readers on the status of my body.   It’s not my favorite subject now, but today I do want to talk about my fingernails.

While our children were still at home, I polished my nails bright red (The Thrill of Brazil) on Sunday evenings sitting in my favorite chair in front of whatever was on Masterpiece Theater.  You would think I’d been to the beauty salon.

No more.  My nails break easily and, more troubling, they are full of ridges.  A Google search tells me that ageing can cause nail ridges.  And they usually do no harm (except to one’s ego).

However, something reassuring happened.  You may have seen the reviews of 82-year-old Glenda Jackson’s fabulous performance as King Lear that is currently wowing Broadway audiences.  A large photo of her in this role appeared in the newspaper recently.  Her hands were thrust in the air, their fingernails streaked with ridges. 


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Well, how interesting. No only do we gather wrinkles but also finger nail ridges. I can see I'm going to start watching mind and wondering 'Am I there yet?

At least you are in good company with Glenda Jackson sporting hers!


Ahhh.... ridges, breaking and peeling - the bane of my existence these days. Downright annoying too.
Grace & Peace,Iris


I've been using nailtiques Formula 2 for my nails the last 2 years. Love it! It's clear, dries quickly and lasts a good week. It's a nail protein for soft, peeling, weak or thin nails and protects my nails from breaking. I am 12 years younger than you, Judy, but find it a good buy for me.

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