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The Glass is Half Full

I like to look on the bright side, but I have to admit that that has not been easy in the last two years, particularly in the health department. Now, I expect the worst when a medical professional says, “I don’t think it’s anything, but let’s check to be sure”.  And I’ve been right up until now.

On my way to the dentist for my semi-annual teeth cleaning last week, I was expecting to be told that all my teeth had rotted and would have to be replaced by a full set of dentures.  When the hygienist finished scraping and cleaning and announced that my teeth looked terrific, I was thrilled.

But I still worried about a suspicious spot on my chest that my dermatologist had biopsied a week earlier. Having had two basal cell carcinomas (skin cancers) removed last year when we were living in Washington, D.C., I wasn’t eager to go through that again. 

It took me a while to summon up the courage to open her email announcing the results—a benign neurofibroma requiring no further treatment. I was ecstatic.

Perhaps the tide has turned. 


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Congratulations on the good reports!
Grace & Peace,Iris

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