Then and Now
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Merrily We Roll Along

When I was still working and running lunch time errands in Cambridge’s Harvard Square, I didn’t pay attention to the older generation. Although I know that some of them made their way with the help of canes or walkers, I was too focused on what I was doing to notice.

Now I find myself wanting to cheer those old folks on, especially because I know that any day, it could be me who has trouble getting around.  And I happen to be married to a very handsome man who goes to the gym or the bank pushing his bright red Rollator. It’s a four-wheeled beauty with storage and a seat in case its owner wants to rest.  Peter locks his to the bike racks next to the two-wheelers of Harvard undergraduates and takes the last few steps to his destination with the help of his cane.

It’s a far cry from our years of biking into Harvard Square, but it gets the job done.



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