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Jeremy visited us last weekend.  Just Jeremy.  We love being with his family, but when we are all together, we focus on our grandchildren.  But to celebrate his father’s eighty-ninth birthday, he came alone.

The three of us went to Peter’s surgery follow-up appointment where Jeremy charmed the doctor and her nurse.  He went to the grocery store with us.  He photographed all the pictures of his kids on our shelves. He took his father for a haircut (pictured above). He solved a computer problem for me and gave us his insights on some challenges we are facing.

Two of his childhood friends came to see him, and we laughed together for an hour before they went out to dinner.  And on a perfectly sunny (but a bit cold for him) Saturday afternoon, he and I walked in Boston’s newly developed Seaport area, the “in” place to be.  

That evening, we had a terrific birthday dinner in a restaurant we hadn’t tried before, and then at 5:30 a.m.(!),­ I drove him to the airport. As always, when a child leaves, I was sad.  And grateful.



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What a nice visit and I totally agree about a child visiting. My #1 son is here currently (by himself) for my birthday. He's done all sorts of 'chores' for me that I just can't do myself.

Love the families, but it's great just having the 'kid' visit.
Grace & Peace,Iris

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