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It Was Brain Surgery

Late last fall, Peter’s neurologist suggested that some of the symptoms that we attribute to his Parkinson's Disease might be the result of hydrocephalus (water on the brain caused by poor drainage of spinal fluid). She suggested that implanting a permanent shunt in his brain to drain the fluid and relieve the pressure could make a difference.

Scary? You bet. But he would be in the hands of a surgeon who is particularly skilled at this procedure that improves brain functioning eighty-percent of the time. We thought it was a gamble worth taking.

So our family was thrilled when the doctor called after the surgery last week to say the procedure went well, although we won’t know if he is among the lucky 80% for another week. After a night in the hospital, we brought him home with smile-like stitching across his partly shaved head and his great sense of humor intact.





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What big things you have both been facing, but your humour and attitude are great assets, and the way you look for the positive. 80% sounds like good odds to me, and I wish you and Peter well with coming through this in the best possible way.

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