“Breathe In…Hold…Breathe”


I’m not a fitness fanatic, but I am open to actions that might delay the inevitable.  That’s why I signed up for (and wrote about my commitment to) The New York Times 30-Day Well-Challenge. I added its prescribed six-minute daily workout to my morning routine.

At least once each week, there was a day without exercise. Instead, the challenge was a meditation or a discussion with a loved one.

Monday was the 30th and final day.  On Tuesday morning, I missed it.  I had grown used to the mellifluous voice supporting me through each movement. 

I have not changed my regular exercise routine. But my attitude has changed.  Rather than exercise to get it over with, I am more mindful as I do it. One day our assignment was to take a mindful walk.  I walk all the time, but now, I try to make walking a meditation.

Will this last? Maybe. 

You can try it here.


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Diane Dahli

Glad that you have crossed that threshold of thinking of exercise as something to 'get over and done with' to something you enjoy! That's major!

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