“Breathe In…Hold…Breathe”

I am one of countless women who have invasive breast cancer. In 2019, more than 260,000 will hear the news that I heard late last fall. Many of them will face difficult treatment choices just as I did. It is a great relief to have made a plan and move ahead.

Late last week I started daily radiation treatments. I was impressed by the kindness of everyone in the radiation oncology department, as I have been by the kindness all of the medical personnel I’ve met during the last two months. The care they take in making precise measurements to ensure that the treatment goes only where it should is impressive.

Because my cancer is on the left side, special care is taken to minimize the odds of damaging my heart. They do this by making me hold my breath during radiation so that my air-filled lungs shield my heart.

Time and again during each treatment, I hear “Breathe in...hold…breathe”.

When February ends, so will this treatment.

Fortunately, it’s a short month.



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Devonia Cochran

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