It Was Brain Surgery

Almost Spring

The wind in Cambridge was so strong on Monday that it kept me from walking home from the gym at my usual pace. It was so strong that a huge recycling bin, blown from the sidewalk sliced off the side view mirror of the car of Peter’s physical therapist as she was driving to our apartment. I could have collected a year’s worth of kindling for our fireplace in no time (if we still had one). There were even a few snow squalls.

But the days are noticeably longer and the start of Daylight Savings Time, my favorite day of the year, is less than two weeks away. I saw forsythia and pussy willows in the florist’s window, a sure sign that spring is near.

Best of all, walking home from my fourth-from-last radiation treatment, I spied a very plump robin perched on the lowest branch of a tree at the entrance to our apartment building. As a child I learned that if you make a wish on seeing the first robin of spring before it flies away, it will come true. So I did.


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