Happy New Year
What People Don't Want


Peter wears Brooks Brothers shirts, but we only buy them when they are on sale. So we jumped on the computer the day after Christmas to place a 40%-off order. We ordered four with the understanding that Peter had to give away four very tired shirts wallowing in his closet.

The new shirts arrived the next day.

That got me thinking about all our Amazon purchases delivered in two days and about other ways we contribute to polluting the atmosphere.

And that got me to thinking about shopping with my mother when I was growing up in Pittsburgh. We’d dress up, complete with white gloves and take the bus downtown. We would have lunch in the tearoom at Kauffman’s Department store, probably creamed tuna on toast or some such delicacy.

Back then all the department stores had delivery trucks of their own that delivered purchases to your door within a day or two.

Was that really so different?



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Oh yes, I remember dressing up to go downtown. I remember my first airplane flight. I wore a new dress, a Jackie Kennedy hat, and, of course, white gloves. Lovely memories.


Oh, brings back memories of shopping with my mother. It was a full day event and the lunch was a special treat.
Grace & Peace, Iris

Diane Dahli

What memories I think we all had those lovely experiences going shopping, having luch with our mothers! We seem to be too busy these days for those simple pleasures—worse luck!

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