Farewell 2018

Happy New Year

(Today’s entry is Peter’s annual contribution. )

When Judy invited me to write an entry for her blog, I wondered what I would write about. Then, on the first of January, I got an idea.   I would try to explain why I thought 2019 would be a happy new year for me, even though I had a liar for President and Parkinson’s for a disease.

Two reasons. The first is that it could have been worse.

Lying Presidents are nothing new. Although I never saw him on television, I’ve read about Jefferson, who expected us to believe him when he wrote that he found it self-evident that all men were created equal, just because he only had a handful of them as his slaves.

And I don’t know exactly how old my grandparents were when they died, but I know they didn’t live long enough to get Parkinson’s. Like me, they couldn’t drive. But I can’t drive because my doctors think it would be a bad idea and they couldn’t drive because they didn’t know how.

If you know the regular author of this blog, you know the second reason why I think I’ll be happy in 2019.





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b+ (Retire In Style Blog)

I went looking for bloggers over 70 years of age and there you were. I have a question: Do you belong to any groups of other bloggers? I am interested.

Barbara (b+)


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