My Worry Gene

Brief Encounters

Sometimes it's the little things that make your day.  Like the time last week when I was rushing up to our apartment from the  laundry room a floor below because I was eager to get to the gym.  I was feeling particularly virtuous because I had done an all-white load of laundry, something I always mean to do, but rarely get around to.  A white-bearded man, walking with a cane, came out of an apartment and headed to the elevator in front of me. 

He turned to me and said,     "I am the the luckiest man because I have the best wife in the world."  Since he was alone, I assumed he was talking to me, and I replied, "How nice".  He then asked if my laundry basket was heavy, and although I didn't know how he would carry it with his cane, I assured him that it was not. He was going down.  I was going up.  We parted.  Alone in the up elevator, I smiled because it has been such a nice moment.

An hour or so later, I was leaving the gym.  I was lost in my thoughts and didn't realize that someone was coming out of the door after me and I let it close on a handsome young man.  I apologized.  "No worries," he said.  I explained further that I had been lost in my thoughts.  "No worries," he repeated and gave me a big smile.

Another lovely moment.


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