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I started running forty years ago.  I stopped running when my knees refused to cooperate, twenty years later.  Now, I lift weights, bike and walk. My goal: to stick around as long as possible.

So I was an easy mark when Tara Parker-Pope who writes the “Well” column for The New York Times offered “The 30-Day Well Challenge”.  Its goal is “to help you build healthy habits for your body, mind and spirit--one daily challenge at a time.”

Here’s how it goes:  Every morning you get a video email with your daily six-minute workout.  Usually it’s a series of four exercises, each lasting thirty seconds with fifteen-second breaks in between—and the whole series repeated twice.

The soothing voice accompanying the video makes it OK that you don’t have the perfectly-toned bodies of Malia or Gillian or whoever is leading that day.

One challenge emphasized breathing.  Another, a “refresh” day, required turning your phone off at lunch.  It’s “OK to reward yourself with a smoothie or a little piece of chocolate with your coffee,” you are told.   Each session ends with “Good job!”

Fifteen days along, I’m wondering what I’ll do with that six minutes when it’s over

Start again?

(You can start your own challenge. Sign up at www.nytimes.com/programs/well-challenge)



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Diane Dahli

Sure, I would start again, if that is possible. It seems like a wonderful strategy—pep talks, instruction, and a good start to your day!

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