November Is the Cruelest Month

Interim Report

The outpouring of good wishes from 70/80-Something readers in response to my breast cancer diagnosis has been astonishing. It was difficult for me to share it because I am normally pretty upbeat. And other than being grateful for having had such a wonderful cancer-free life for so long, it’s hard to feel positive about my diagnosis. Your caring thoughts mean so much to me.

I am determined not to let cancer define my life—at least not once we have what we refer to as “a plan.”

Cancer will not define this blog either. There’s too much else to talk about. For one thing, after a gloomy November, the sun has been shining for a week.

That’s got to be a good sign.



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Dear Judy, You (through your blog) continue to amaze and to nourish me. I went through more than one cancer “plan” when I was in my 60s and 70s. I survived. I am now 80, like you, and am trying to navigate this new, and ever more complicated, decade.

You have what it takes to get through the treatment and the plan. I wish you love and success. You will do it!

Laurie Matthews

Dear Judy, I’ve just read these 2 posts, and my heart goes out to you and Peter. Thank you for letting us all know about your cancer. We do all want to be some kind of wind beneath your wings as you go, and get, through this. And Abby who posted before me said it right about your considerable strength. Sending you love and a wee reminder to pause and catch your breath every now and then.

Diane Dahli

It's tough to get a diagnosis of cancer—I'm impressed with how you are handling it. Sharing the news with others, including your blog readers, is such a wise and brave thing to do. The wonderful, healthy life you have had so far will help provide the strength and courage you will need. Take care, Judy, and please keep us informed and up to date with your progress.

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