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On Balance

The older we get, the more we fear falling. And with good reason. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention one in three adults 65+ falls each year, accounting for 30,00 deaths annually.

In my view, it’s all about balance, and there are lots of ways to work on that. Exercise in general is good. Tai chi, is very helpful if you have the patience to practice it. (I don’t.)

On balance, here’s my routine. Every morning, I brush my teeth standing on my left leg. Every evening, I brush my teeth standing on my right leg. I don’t even think about it. I just do it. And once a day I put an exercise band around my ankles and balance on one foot while I kick the other leg out to the front five times, to the side five times, and back five times. It helps to focus on an object while you do it, as if you were a prima ballerina.

And much as I like looking at trees and people, when I am walking on the brick sidewalks of Cambridge, I spend a lot of time looking down.

So far, so good.   



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You are so right about balance. It can be a scary thing and I also find I look down more than ever before. If I happen to be with one of my kids or grandkids they're always reminding me to pay attention (which I don't always do).

My daughter is the Activities Coordinator in an Assisted Living and she's always after me to work on some simple exercises. I keep saying I'm going to, then.... Yours sound easy enough, may try them.
Grace & Peace, Iris

Brian Morphonios

Hello, I just found your blog through a friend and co-worker. I am a full-time chaplain for a nursing home and rehab company, and my work involves getting to know and encouraging our residents to find joy and fulfillment in life. Reading your article on balance this morning made me realize how one's perspective can make all the difference.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and helping others to find the good in life - at any age.
Brian M.

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