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In all the years of writing this blog, I never asked readers how they found me. But I spent a good part of today with a reader I had met briefly when she came to my bookstore signing for 70-Something: Life, Love and Limits in the Bonus Years. (Shameless plug!)

An early Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal who (after a long teaching career), started Intercultural Dimensions, a non-profit that offers experiential trips to Senegal, she had invited me to tour a newly revived East Cambridge with its multiple bio-tech organizations and new high rise apartments built to accommodate all their Generation Z workers.

At the end of the day, I asked her how she happened to start reading my blog. “Oh,” she said, “Some years ago, I was sitting in Charles de Gaulle Airport near Paris waiting for a delayed flight and started talking with a woman whose flight was also delayed. She recommended “70-something.” and I’ve read it ever since.”

Small world.    



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Diane Dahli

How lovely Judy! I don't remember how I found you, but when I started my blog four years ago, I did an extensive search for blogs with a readership similar to mine. So that must be it.

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