Keeping Up
I'm Taking a Break

Re-inventing our Lives

Peter and I have been “home” for two months now, but we still haven’t determined what our new life is all about. We haven’t worked out a regular schedule of activities because we have been busy seeing friends--and far too many doctors.

We are trying to figure out how to give meaning to the rest of our lives. As my cousin Gerry put it so well, “What can we do to earn our space on this planet and yet not be obligated?” A former colleague used to remind us to always be “on time, dressed, and ready to play”. What does that mean for 80-somethings?

Good questions. No easy answers.


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Anne Brew

What you can offer is time, wisdom and expertise. How that happens only you both will know. Good luck.

Margaret Rader

I'm turning 83 this month. How about get up, get dressed, enjoy breakfast, be sure to take a walk, enjoy your family. I think that's all that is obligated in our final decades.


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