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In all my years of working with graduate students, I tried to stay on top of new technology to know what the students were up to. I remember when the students first got email. I remember a student in the computer lab showing me the amazing Mosaic web browser, pretty much the beginning of the Internet.

Of course Facebook and other social media have touched my life, and yours too. I even have WhatsApp on my phone. And Instagram.

But now I feel I am falling behind. When I recently read that the latest “Alexa” can tell me that I left a light on and then offer to turn it off for me, that was a bit much. And although I still read the technology page in the newspaper every Thursday, I no longer want everything I see. I don’t have an Apple watch so I actually have to look at my phone to see a text and that’s OK with me.

If I really need to know the latest, I can always check in with the grandkids. Isn’t that what all 80-somethings do?


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I am a 30-year-old who also doesn't feel the urge to get Alexa or an Apple Watch. You definitely are not falling behind! Well, maybe we both are in comparison with the teenagers nowadays :-)


I completely agree with you. I kept up faithfully until just recently - but you know - I'm just not sure I want "technology" to do everything for me.
Grace & Peace, Iris

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