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Your Time Is Unimportant to Us

One of the challenges in moving is letting the world know where you will be. Doing it twice in one year, as we have, is not for the faint of heart.

If you are lucky, the U.S. Post Office will forward your first class mail for a year, but it will forward magazines for only three months. It’s up to you to inform everyone. And that means everyone—banks, insurance providers, doctors, Medicare, cell phone companies, newspapers, alumni offices and more. 

Each time you do it by phone, you will be asked to “Please listen carefully as our menu options have changed.” You’ll be told “Your call is important to us. You’ll find out how important it is when they tell you that their staff is unusually busy helping other (presumably more important) customers. And then to heighten your enjoyment, they play what they call “music” at you. I find myself yelling “Representative!” when what I want is not an option, but that rarely works.

Having to change your address is a good reason to age in place.


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