Celebrating Fifty Years
Oh, the Places You'll Go!

You Can Go Home Again


How many times have we driven East on the Massachusetts Turnpike?   Hundreds. Going home from New York City, the kids’ summer camp, or weekends in the Berkshires. But this time was different. We were going back to Cambridge after nine months of trying out a new life that didn’t work for us .

Although the many Massachusetts license plates looked strange after months of driving behind cars with plates bearing the District of Columbia’s slogan “End Taxation without Representation”, the streets and houses and stores looked pretty much the same as when we left.

But we had changed.

After a day of driving back, we spent the night in a Cambridge hotel. Early the next morning on the first of August, with our hearts pounding, we went to see our rental apartment for the first time. We introduced ourselves to the concierge, got the keys, and opened the door.

I was prepared for it being flawed and to live with the imperfections that come with renting for the first time after owning our own home for fifty years. What I wasn’t prepared for was the breathtaking view of the Charles River. It made it easy to overlook the last tenant’s picture hooks still on the walls, or the not-solid wood closet doors or one or two other defects.

The apartment is the perfect size for us. We love the location and we will take the time offered by a one-year lease to figure out what’s next.

Hopefully, staying put.


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Betty B. Dyar

Been there, done that. I know your joy and share it with a glad heart.
We came "home" after fifty years away, have loved every minute.
Here in the South we have a "saying": "one does not miss the milk
until the cow goes dry". I congratulate you on your wisdom and,
most of all, your courage.


Good Morning!! I congratulate you for the courage to try a new life. Totally different. Then admit it was not good and start over. Congratulations!!! God bless you and your family !! Kisses from Brazil.

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