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Vain about Veins

I rarely do a body update in this blog any more. The news is not uplifting (so-to-speak).

But today I will report that like many of my peers, I have stopped buying sleeveless tops. Although I lift weights, my upper arms just aren’t what they used to be.

The other morning, I noticed that I had a new very prominent vein in each of my lower arms. They just came out of nowhere.

I mentioned this development to a life-long friend who is three months younger than I am. “Oh,” she replied. “That just happened to me too!”

There are no friends like old friends.


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Still the Lucky Few

Your arms will always give you away! What is it with the new dents and wrinkles that appear, as you say, out of nowhere? Best policy is to cover them. Lots of lovely long-sleeved tops to be found!


I've already stopped buying sleeveless anything, and I'm only 64! I hate that sagging skin. And a few times I have caught people glimpsing at it - that was when I decided - no more. I have to admit that this summer, with the wrenching heat (Boston area) I actually did buy one linen sleeveless top. I actually wore it to the store twice - I was proud of being so brave! I was at home the rest of the days I wore it.

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