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"To Live and Die in Paris"

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to being eighty. Somehow, I just sailed through my seventies, but this is different. I realize how lucky I am just to be here.

And that brings me to “To Live and Die in Paris,” a recent New York Times opinion piece by ex-pat Pamela Druckerman, author of the best seller Bringing up Bébé. In her piece, Druckerman describes a recent visit with a French friend in her seventies who has terminal cancer.

Her friend “Hélène” describes her plan to “disappear” as the French put it. She is ready to go. She has planned her memorial service and has already selected the “elegant” dress she will wear for it. She had worried that, if she died in August, all of her friends would be on vacation and no one would come to her funeral, but the funeral planner assured her that, if necessary, he could refrigerate her until September.

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