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Barack and Michelle

Packing-up-Twice Advice

Here are some mid-packing reflections from a twice-in-twelve-months mover.

First, don’t do it. Period. It’s probably better to spend nine months producing a baby if you can.

Second, it’s amazing how clarifying it is when you haven’t used or worn something for nine months. St. Albans Church has been the recipient of some lovely things that I couldn’t bear to give away before the first move. Noticing that I hadn’t used something since we moved made it easy.

Third, I am more confident in my packing skills. This time I got a head start by buying my own packing paper. (Although many newspapers are smaller today, they still sell the original newsprint size paper for packers.)

Fourth, because we are downsizing further, I sold (actually almost gave away) some furniture early on. It cleared some space for our packed boxes, and I’m fine without it.

Still to happen—we are giving away our big TV—it’s ancient by the standards of today’s technology, and we will replace it with one that isn’t. So for a couple of weeks until we get a new one, we’ll be forced to read. Not a bad idea.


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I am so proud of you for realizing that you had made a mistake and then set about rectifying it. That takes courage!

Betty B. Dyar

I've followed your bog as a lurker but now want you to know that I was almost ecstatic when I read that you are going home! Amazed that I would have that reaction to a stranger's decision. Best wishes.

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