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Moving to What?

Boxes are piled up.  Stuff is given away.   Good-byes to our neighbors in our retirement community have been said.  Moving is happening.  But to what?

The last time I moved into a space I’d never seen, I was seventeen years old and a freshman in college.  We've been inside the building that we are renting an apartment in, having considered buying a condo there a few years ago.  But since we couldn’t get to Cambridge to look at the apartment itself, we asked a friend I’ve known since I moved into that college dormitory to check it out for us.  She sent pictures and commentary, but I’ll be holding my breath when we open the door for the first time.

It’s in a wonderful location and people tell us that it is a terrific community, but exactly how many closets does it have?  Will its wonderful expanse of windows let in the cold winter winds?  We wish we hadn’t given away our long fleece robes when we moved south.  Who knew that ten months later we would be back?

It is amazing how quickly we got into moving mode.  It’s a bit easier this time, but I don’t want to make a habit of it. 

We’re closing a chapter and embarking on a new adventure.  Wish us luck.


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I certainly do wish you luck! I am so admiring of your courage in facing into what is, and daring to move again, another step into the unknown. I'm sure there will be many familiar pathways and places that will bring you great comfort, even as you adjust to the new apartment. Have fun buying a new set of warm fleece robes!

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