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A Momentous Decision

Peter and I have decided to go home.

Uprooting our lives of more than fifty years in Massachusetts has been a bigger challenge than we imagined.  We were sure that moving south to live near our grandchildren was right for us at this stage in our lives.  We knew that the Washington days are longer, that the winters are milder, and that there are wonderful cultural institutions and great natural beauty nearby.

What we didn’t know was how much we would miss our friends, our activities, our familiarity with the geography of Boston and the driving habits of Bostonians.  We miss our grocery stories with their easy parking lots.  We particularly miss our doctors.  We miss Symphony Hall and the Red Sox.  It’s not possible to create new friendships in months that come close to old friendships of decades.

We know that we are not going back to our house or our neighborhood.  And that’s OK.  We are aware that at our age, there are good reasons to be near our children.  But while we are still able to be on our own, we want to be where we have been most of our lives.

So get ready Massachusetts, we’re coming home.


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Lee stewart

I have followed you for some time and greatly admire your thoughtfulness and insight. I can understand your decision. I live several states away from my children in my home of 40 years.


How interesting. Will remember.

Katy Riker

This post made me smile!

Nurul Utami

Dear Judy,
I am Nurul Utami, from Indonesia, more accurately from Natar, South Lampung, Sumatera Island.
I'm 56 yo, and live in a village. I started following your blog few months ago, and enjoy it lots. But not subscribe it yet, just bookmark it :-), and always look forward to your new story :-)
Reading the way your writing reminds me to my English Lesson long years ago, that is how to write well in English.
I understand your thought to go back home, Massachusset..
Always hale & hearty, Judy, also Peter :-)
Please forgive my messy English ..

Best wishes, .


Thank you for sharing this obviously very difficult decision. I admire you for sharing and informing your readers that moving for “convenience” is not always the right choice. Many readers I’m sure are pondering some of these same decisions.
Good luck!

Norman Ellis

Sounds like a good idea. We often reflect on this issue; our only son Mark and our five children live in Stockholm).
Sogood luck in your return move.
Kind regards
Val &Norman


We will follow you and Peter wherever you go. You 'can go home again' and we look forward to an entire new set of entries about the move back! BTW, what did the grandkids say?


What a big decision. I wish you well with the return home, and will keep reading your blog with great interest, to see how it goes.

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