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On June 29, 1981, Peter and I arrived in London, with our eleven- and nine-year-old sons in tow, cranky after their first overseas flight. We were trading houses with a family in Blackheath, a London suburb, for a month. It was a momentous occasion, not because we were arriving, but because it was Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding day.

Twenty-nine years later, Seth, that cranky eleven-year-old became The New York Times’ Frugal Traveler, and over six years, he wrote about seeing the world on a budget from fifty countries.

This week, Seth launched a YouTube channel, Globally Curious. The first five videos are up, and there will be a new one every Thursday.

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I did.



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still the lucky few

Wow, I'm impressed! Seth is really providing a service here. Good for him!


I really enjoyed the Trip Advisor advice. Will watch the other ones soon.

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