Unexpectedly Eighty

Back to School

A priority for our new life in Washington was to replicate the learning environment we enjoyed while living near Harvard University. When we learned that American University has a robust learning-in-retirement program, Peter and I applied. (That Peter broke his femur on the American campus after the new-members-breakfast in February is ironic, but things happen…)

Even during Peter’s hospitalization and rehab, I managed to go to classes. They have become my way to stay in touch with the world outside our retirement community.

We had a discussion on the future of work in my TED-Talks class this week. The lesson for grandparents:  Don’t ask your grandchildren what they want to do when then grow up because there will be few one-stop careers. Instead, ask them who they want to be.

In my class on Foreign Policy Challenges for 2018, we’ve had experts lecture on terrorism and cybersecurity so far and future classes will cover hot geographical areas around the world.

For the ninety-minutes of each class, I forget Peter’s broken femur.


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