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Phone Calls from Friends

Life is fairly frantic for this newly-turned-eighty-year-old. Visiting Peter daily in the rehab hospital, “shopping” classes at American University, and participating in some of our retirement community’s activities, have left me hopelessly behind in everything else.

But I always have time for phone calls from friends.

Several from home check in with me a few times a week, others less often. All have provided tremendous support as I adjust to our new surroundings and new challenges.

I like hearing what’s going on in their lives too. I try not to sound too smug about our winter being so much easier than the endless one they are enduring in Massachusetts.

Our conversations are never short.

My new friends here have been caring and quick to offer help. But there is nothing better than friends of fifty-plus years. They always have my back


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Maureen Helen

I hope the pressure eases a little, soon, Judy. Hospital visiting a husband every day can be exhausting, even for people younger than us. I was very relieved when my husband arrived home last year.
Look after yourself properly and enjoy the care and concern of your friends.

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