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On a Lighter Note

It’s not easy to find something amusing when one’s spouse is in a rehab facility facing a long and painful recovery from a fractured femur.

Fortunately, our son Jeremy can always make me laugh.

Here’s what happened. On a summer-like day last week. I took an afternoon break from the rehab center to walk with my friend Carrie, a Kennedy School graduate and friend who lives not too far from the hospital. We walked for over an hour, chatting non-stop about everything except Peter’s broken femur.

At one point, she asked me to guess who she was having a drink with that evening. I mentioned a mutual friend. “No,” she said, “although that’s a good guess.” In fact, she was going to meet a friend she knows through her daughters’ school. And who might that be? Michelle Obama. Just the two of them!

I mentioned this to Jeremy that evening, telling him how excited I was for Carrie. Jeremy’s response:

“Well I wonder what Michelle Obama thought when she heard who Carrie walked with today!”


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Maureen Helen

What a lovely son, Judy. I hope Peter recovers quickly. Good to find another 'over eighty' blogger. We are a rare breed.


I am excited for Carrie , and I don't even know her !!

Hang in there - so sorry for the accident . Things can happen in the blink of an eye ! So fearful of falling for both of us ... husband is recoving from knee replacement , and I have pleaded with him NOT to walk/ excerside on our little town's sidewalks . Waaaay back when I was able and walked / excersided all over town , I knew there were too many trip hazards ,and they are probably even more so now .

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