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It was the calm before the storm, literally. When Peter was released from rehab, we headed home just hours before the snow that shut down Washington for a day.

Leaving rehab wasn’t easy. Endless forms to sign. Endless instructions for physical and occupational therapy sessions and nurses’ visits at home.  Phone, computer, and electric razor chargers and other belongings accumulated during five weeks in the hospital to be packed up.

We hired a caregiver to help get Peter from the car to our apartment, two elevator rides and two long corridors away from our parking space and to help us rearrange the furniture to make it easier for him to manage on a walker. Our daughter-in-law Katrina was there to lend a hand.  It was a team effort.

Miracle of miracles, it all worked

And so began another phase in our “new normal”.  No more daily trips to the hospital, but other challenges. Life could not be more different than it was six months ago.

But Peter is home, and that is what matters.


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Maureen Helen

Great news, Judy. I'm sure the new normal will soon become normal and wonderful for you and Peter. Happy Easter.

Still the Lucky Few

Such great news! And I'm so glad you could get the help you needed to get Peter home and settled. Hopefully things will be easier now!

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