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Being 80

I have been noticing different things now that I am eighty.

For example, in ten years I will be ninety. During this decade I will go from being old to being "old-old," that is, if I am lucky. And lately, friends tell me about a lot more falls and cancer diagnoses and a lot fewer new adventures.

I see that my generation’s children are middle-aged now. They are watching their waistlines expand and their nests empty. They are thinking about last chances to have the career of their dreams.

And I am paying attention to our generation’s grandchildren and their challenges. I hate that their schools have become war zones and that their backpacks have to be bulletproof. They deserve to be playful and carefree.

In my eighties I don't plan to forgo adventure. I also don't plan to fall.  We’ll see how that works out.



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Still the Lucky Few

I love your attitude, Judy! I will be turning eighty in a couple of years, and need all of the inspiration I can get! From what I read of your blog, you are in very good shape to have many more years ahead!

Maureen Helen

Go for all the adventures that come your way, Judy, regardless of your age. Being adventurous is a state of mind that lets us see our lives as new and fresh each day.

People of all ages trip, slip and stumble. The more active one is, the more likely. I plan to be as active as I can be now I'm in my eighties. I will fall, but resist the ageist concept of 'having a fall'.

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