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A Break at the Rehab Center

Peter used to keep his cell phone in a case on his belt. However, because he couldn’t remove it quickly, he missed some calls. So he stopped using the case.

I decided that was a bad idea, and ordered a case that would fit in his pocket. I brought it to the hospital rehab center where he is recovering from his broken femur only to find that it was too small for his phone.

To make matters worse, seconds later, his uncased phone slipped out of my hand, and landed on the floor. The glass shattered.

I was inconsolable.

The good news is that UbreakIfix, a chain of stores that can replace broken cell phone glass in two hours (for a small fortune), wasn’t far away.  A friend visiting Peter took the phone there for me, and on my way home, I picked up a good-as-new phone.

A case that is the correct size has been ordered.


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You can also purchase a thin, clear sheet that sticks on the screen; protects the glass if dropped. Worth it!

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