New Decade
In the Blink of an Eye


I don’t know why we waited so long to invite our grandsons for a sleepover in our retirement community apartment. They had slept at our Cambridge house during many Thanksgiving visits, but with their parents in the house. So this was a first.

We prepared for their visit by expanding our supply of tasty-bad-for-you snacks, but after multiple desserts at dinner, hunger wasn’t an issue. The highlight of the evening (for me) was a series of ping pong games. Although I didn’t win any of them, I held my own. (Too bad none of my fellow oldsters want to practice with me so I can do better next time.)

Our new TV-watching sofa bed had its first overnight occupant (Grady) while his older brother (Leo) slept in the guest room. Peter and I, early risers, were surprised to see Grady already watching live soccer on said TV-watching-sofa bed, allowing me to have a long early-morning cuddle with him. Eventually, we had to wake up his older brother, a 6’2” fourteen-year-old, who probably could have slept all day.

Their mom said they had a super time. So did we.


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