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Nurse Judy

Cosmetic surgery has never been my thing, but when Peter’s doctor recommended that he have his sagging eyelids lifted because they were impairing his vision, I thought it made sense. It was medically recommended and if I got an even more handsome husband in the bargain, that was fine with me.

The outpatient surgery was scheduled for 7:00 a.m. on a Thursday morning. Peter followed the pre-surgery instructions to the letter, including eating pineapple every day for two weeks to limit bruising. (Who knew?)

The surgery went well, and three hours later, I took a bruised husband home.

What followed was the hard part, forty-eight hours on his back with ice packs on his face and time out only for eating, sleeping and bathroom breaks. That’s where Nurse Judy swung into action. Major duties included replacing the bags of frozen peas on top of a gauze bandage every forty-five minutes. There were drops to be put into his eyes and ointment to be put on the stitches four times a day.

The patient also needed calf massages to prevent blot clots. And he needed entertainment. That required setting up an audio book, turning on the radio when the audio book got boring, and switching from news to music upon request. And finally, reading to him when no other form of entertainment worked.

Peter is a non-complainer and a good patient. A week later in the surgeon’s office, the before and after pictures showed a big change. The patient was well on the way to being healed. The purple bruises were fading. And Nurse Judy was relieved to have it over.


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