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New Decade

Yesterday was my 80th birthday.  I have been blessed with good health and good luck.  I am very grateful.

For the start of my ninth decade,  The 70-Something Blog has a new name.  And a new design.  If you subscribe by email, you might not even notice, so I invite you to visit the website and see its new look.

I hope you will continue to follow me on this journey through my eighties. 


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I'm 58. I cannot recall how I found you 3-4 years ago, but I am glad I did. You are at the top of my "read" list and I follow 100+ blogs. You set an AMAZING example. Keep writing. You are making a difference. Try to remember that while a trip to NYC may be challenging these days, there is so much you CAN do. And you are doing it. An example, indeed. Thank you and Happy Birthday. May your 8th decade be as rich as the previous decades. So many people wish it so!


Happy, happy birthday to you from a (late 30s) California reader. I treasure your posts and the wisdom you share in them. Thank you for sticking with it and best wishes for many more years of good health!


Happy Birthday..thank you for your blog!

Audrey Mitchell

Happy Birthday to you...and to me too. I just turned 75 and I started reading your blog at age 65. I had not expected my "70s" to be such a vibant and active time in my life. But thanks to your wonderful blog I had some wonderful lifetime experiences to look forward to and more when my "80s" come along. Thanks Judy and congratulations on the tenth anniversary and "a new day" for your blog.

Karen Wardamasky Bobrow

Happy Birthday. As someone who has written my thoughts like you since I turned 60, I must say what an inspiration you are. When I don't feel like writing I look to you. I am particularly interested in your adventures since you moved, because I have a daughter and son-in-law to be living in Silver Spring. You sound like you really enjoy life!


Hi. I am a faithful reader of your blog since I got it from Joahni Hilton. I enjoy every time and bless you for manny happy returnes of your birthday and hope you will never stop writting! As I am exectly your age I feel very often as if I wrote the blog because you express my feelings and thoughts. Thank you and good health!
(sorry for my "Israeli" English...)

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