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Legacy (Con't)

There’s a lot of talk about legacy when you live in a retirement community. That’s good because if we write our stories well, our kids don’t have to say (as we so often do), “I wish I had asked my parents about “that”.

There was a good turnout for a talk about memoir-writing here last week. It prompted me to think of things in my distant past that hadn’t occurred to me in years, like how my brother and I would get $5.00 checks from each of my mother’s five siblings on our birthdays. The size of those checks would amuse my grandchildren until I told them that in 2018 dollars, each check would be $50.79. Not bad.

And I thought about what I have done as a legacy. My “Letters to Leo and Grady” (our grandchildren) that I have been writing since they were born, this blog, now ten years old, and the long video interview of Peter and me speaking about our lives together, captured by our son Jeremy’s friend about five years ago. There can never be too much.

May I suggest that you write about your life. There’s plenty of help online if you want it. I guarantee that it will be a “best seller” to those who matter to you.


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