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Ten Years and Counting

When I post a blog entry, it often feels like I am sending it off into outer space.  I don’t know many of my readers personally, but I like to think that most of you are experiencing aging in ways that are not so different from the ways I describe.

When you got my blog post announcing 70-something’s tenth birthday, many of you responded with words of appreciation and encouragement. And you asked me to keep writing.  You understand the new challenges we anticipate facing in our eighties, and know that we are in this together. 

Thank you for your support. If you keep reading, I’ll keep writing.


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Judy, PLease, please, please keep writing. I will absolutely keep reading, in fact, reading your blog is my first activity every Thursday and Sunday morning! And call it The 80-Something Blog!

I am your age and have been following your blog for many years. We will need your thoughtful insights and support even more as we enter the next decade.


I recently found your blog through a link from another writer on the experience of aging. I've gone back through your posts and read them all from the beginning. As a retired Canadian academic coming into my seventies, it was a delightful read. I found it so very refreshing and inspiring. Please don't think of giving it up any time soon!


Oh yes, please keep writing. I love your blogs, and appreciate you charting the territory that is only a few years ahead of me.


Young readers (I will enter my thirties this year) also love your blog. Please keep writing. I learn so much by reading it.

Paul Albert

I've been enjoying your blog and am glad you are open to continue writing. There isn't anything like it. I am a single gay man with no children and gain insights by learning about the differences in our situations when reading about the importance you place in being near to your grandchildren. Thank you for writing about your life.

Mary Kelley

Great stuff. Do keep it up - it is quite unigue, you know!

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