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The 2018 Golden Globes ceremony with its parade of Hollywood stars dressed in black to protest sexual harassment, topped off by Oprah’s call to action made for quite an evening earlier this month.

When I heard a talk by Marcia Greenberger, co-founder of The National Women’s Law Center a few days later, I was reminded of how far we have come in achieving equal rights for women —and how far we still have to go.

Marcia led us on a walk down memory lane, recalling how she went home from elementary school every day for a lunch made by her mother because mothers were at home in the fifties. She reminded us that there weren’t school sports for girls then. Girls could only be cheerleaders.

When she attended the University of Pennsylvania, there was a separate college for women and women had a curfew. Men were only allowed in the dorm one afternoon a year. Remember?

Greenberger agreed that we have made progress. But she pointed out that two-thirds of those who earn the minimum wage are women and that many women earn less than men doing the same job.

#Me Too and Time’s Up are helping to shed light on the issues of sexual harassment and the inequality of women. A new commission to focus on sexual harassment in Hollywood, chaired by Anita Hill has raised more than $16 million through GoFundMe.

Women have made progress since the days when we stayed home all day. But we still have a way to go.


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Still the Lucky Few

We sometimes forget, don't we? I also remember that girls were not allowed to wear slacks in the coldest of weather—what was THAT about? Yes, I agree, though, we still have more to do, more to overcome!


Good Morning.. As much as I enjoy reading your posts weekly I must disagree with this current one. I am not sure where Marcia grew up but she is definitely wrong about no female school sports at schools in the fifties. Also mothers staying at home in the fifties had more to do with the economic situation. How I envied my friends whose Mother greeted them after school each day as I was one of the original latch key kids, both my parents were school teachers and no leaving school back then when the bell rang..Teachers were required to remain at school long after the students left...I agree with some of the Times Up protest but we have to be careful..Too easy to point the fingers at a man and ruin his life...especially by some of these actors....

Just my opinion.. will continue reading your wonderful blog..Enjoy your day.


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