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Birthday Report

70-something.com is a decade old this week.


In 2008, I had no idea what going “public” with my life would bring. Now I can proudly claim that I have published twice-weekly (1,055 posts) since then because I grew to love sharing my seventies (and because I am compulsive).


Ten years ago I was a very different person.  I was constantly scurrying to keep up with work, home, friends and more.  At seventy-five, I retired, and losing my community of thirty-three years was hard for me. It took me six months to fill that void with the right balance of activities.


I am thrilled that the blog led to my book, published last June:  (70-Something:  Life, Love and Limits in the Bonus Years). And I am grateful to have so many new friends, blog readers who have written to me over the years.


Now, I will have a new phase of life to recount, because our recent move to a retirement community four hundred miles from home has considerably changed our lives.


At (almost) eighty, I can’t promise to blog for another decade. My concern is that the next ten years will bring losses, and I hope I can handle them with grace. 


Thanks to those who have joined me on this journey through my seventies.  Extra thanks to those who have stayed with me through all the ups and downs of the decade and to those who have written to tell me that my experience resonates with them.


Happy New Year.



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Still the Lucky Few

Judy, keep blogging! Your contributions add so much to the lives of over-75ers like me! Much appreciated!


How fast time goes and we have to learn to roll with life. Some days I and sure I won't be able to and somehow do. I am 79 and this year I will be 80 holy cow that's old. Have a good day and you are doing great.


I read your blog faithfully and it gives me inspiration as we travel on the road of life. Thank you for all your wise observations. Health and happiness to you and Peter.

Janet Winsor

Judy, Thank you for your wit and wisdom about aging gracefully. I’ve gained much from your introspection on aging, marriage and life (not necessarily in order). I especially appreciate your honesty. Thank you for sharing and best wishes for a good year.


I have enjoyed your blog for several years and hope you continue with it.

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