Nurse Judy

Approaching Eighty

Turning eighty (which I will do next month) is daunting. Period.

I didn’t miss a beat when I turned seventy. It was just a number. However, on my seventy-fifth birthday, I wrote in this blog that I was beginning to feel old. At eighty, I am old.

But what does that mean? I’m not working, but I’m fully engaged. In the last week, I heard three outstanding speakers on subjects I knew very little about. I read a Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Geraldine Brooks. I went to the Renwick Gallery, a jewel of a museum. I met some new people as I try to build a network in Washington. As of this moment I am (gratefully) in good health, and my doctor tells me that I “have a lot of mileage left.”

So bring on eighty. I’ll give it my best.


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Margaret Rader

From the vantage of 82, I can say the 80's are OK. I find it's best not to think of myself as old, and it's important to stay active physically. But also one needs to find that sweet spot between activity and rest,and at 80 one needs more restorative time. So OK for naps, if they don't take over. Something new is always possible -- I have great hopes for my new knee.

OK, sometimes one does need to recognize that one is old. Play the "old lady's card" for help when needed.

Best wishes and keep on doing what you are doing.

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