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Your Questions, My Answers

70-Something readers are asking for details about our life in the nation’s capital.

They want to know:

  1. Do the buses and subways work for us?

Mostly they do. But there is some trial and error involved. Going home after a downtown lecture one afternoon, we waited for the bus on the wrong side of the street. When the bus arrived, the driver told us he wasn’t going our way. We crossed the street, and after a long wait, we made it home. We won’t make that mistake again.

  1. How far are we from the National Mall and all the wonderful museums?

That depends. By Metro—maybe thirty minutes. By car, it depends on traffic and how long it takes to find a place to park. The one time we drove, it didn’t take long. The jury is out on the best way for us to go.

  1. How do political discussions go?

It feels strange to be in a place where we will pay national taxes, but won’t be able to vote in national elections. But people do have strong opinions about national politics here. We talk with people whose opinions differ from ours, but not as often as we should.

  1. Do we get the local paper?

We intended to subscribe to The Washington Post, but somehow with all the settling in, we haven’t yet. However, wherever we go, we still get the print edition of The New York Times. And when I turn on my computer, it still opens to the front page of The Boston Globe.

Some things are easy to change. Others are not.


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