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Dinner for Six

It's a Small World

We had quite an international day last Wednesday.

In the morning, we met Peter’s new neurologist, a delightful young (to us) man who is half Cuban and half Jordanian. In the afternoon, we received two packages. One contained a jar of caramel sauce from France and a Murano glass heart from Italy, gifts from Seth’s recent vacation in Europe. The other package, from our former across-the-street-neighbors, contained a George Jensen wintertime window ornament from Copenhagen and some delicious chocolate candy from Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Then at dinner, our companions talked about their son and daughter-in law who are living in Baghdad and about the other Berlin-born Peter living here who is currently visiting his child in Senegal. When we got back to our apartment we got a call from Peter’s niece who told us that her daughter had accepted a teaching job in Bhutan.

And have I ever mentioned that the Tunisian ambassador’s residence is across the street from us?

P.S. An apology to all Patriots fans for the senior moment when I referred to my team as the “Boston” Patriots. They have been the “New England Patriots” since 1971. What was I thinking!


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